Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Scholarship Opportunities

 As we approach the time for the 57th annual CAES Institute, which will be held virtually on the afternoon of October 23, 2020, I want to reach out about three awards that have not received any nominations. I am looking for nominations for the Morton E. Spillinger Award, the George Constantou Award, and the June E. Stillwell Outstanding New York State Latin Program. Take into consideration the outstanding work that you, your colleagues, and your former institutions did during the end of the previous school year. There were many challenges that we all rose to the occasion to face. Is there a teacher in your district that you would like to recognize for their exceptional work? Is there an administrator that was incredibly helpful to your program? Did your entire team/program offer a way for students to learn effectively and efficiently? If so, please consider sending in a recommendation for one of the following awards by September 18, 2020! All guidelines for these awards can be found on the CAES website under scholarships and awards. Please submit recommendations by September 18, 2020! All required materials can be sent via email to William Breitweiser ( with the subject CAES Scholarship. Grātiās vōbīs agō!