Saturday, January 31, 2015

Latin Lives

The CAES Facebook page posted a link to a wonderful article, "Latin Lives". For our members and friends who don't follow CAES on Facebook, here is the link:

The article discusses the wonderful work of Reginald Foster and Paedeia. I think this quote will resonate with pretty much everyone who has ever studied or taught Latin:

"Somehow it all worked. Students who had spent years at good schools and colleges, learning how to read thirty or forty lines of Latin at a time and looking up every word, found after a summer with Reginaldus that they could read the hardest Latin texts on sight—and not just read them, but translate them into English or paraphrase them in Latin, and hear their power and their melody, their wit and their scorn, as they did so. Reginaldus worked a kind of magic. He transformed Latin from a set of puzzles to be solved into something to be known, possessed and loved."