Monday, October 28, 2013

Proposed panel on Fostering Respect and Support for the Pre-Collegiate Latin Teacher

If you are interested in taking part in this proposed panel, or making suggestions regarding the make-up of the panel, please read on. The deadline for response is November 10.

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From: Judith Hallett
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 1:10 PM
Subject: [CLASSICS-L] Proposed panel on Fostering Respect and Support for the Pre-Collegiate (Latin) Teacher

I am hoping to organize a panel at the Classical Association of the Atlantic States in fall 2014 on the topic of fostering respect and support for the pre-collegiate (Latin) teacher.

My co-organizer and I are trying to identify K-12 teachers of Latin and other topics who would be willing to share their thoughts about the challenges and rewards of working with students, their families and their communities as well as school board members/trustees, administrators and fellow faculty members so as to instill and sustain an environment that appreciates and rewards their own labors.

It is often observed that other countries accord more value--in terms of financial remuneration and personal regard--to pre-collegiate teachers than we do here in the US, treating them as accomplished professionals engaged in an intellectually demanding and socially vital occupation.

It is, however, also noted that Latin teachers at times achieve more respect and support (if not higher salaries) than their colleagues in other subjects: perhaps because theirs is usually an elective subject (vs., say, English), because they will frequently teach the same students (and their siblings) for more than a single academic year (especially in schools where they are the only Latin teacher), and because Latin study is frequently sought out by students and families of high academic ability and aspiration.

It is issues such as these, as well as the different reasons many K-12 teachers would adduce in explain their sense that they lack respect and support from our society as a whole, that we hope to raise in this panel.

Please reply to me, Judith P Hallett ( by November 10 if you are interested in taking part, or if there are issues and individuals you would recommend be included, in a panel of this kind.

Thanks so much.