Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Ancient Rome Live

Edythe T. Malara, Shaker High School Latin teacher, recently shared with CAES an excellent resource,, and how she's been able to use it in her classroom. Ms. Malara recently shared with CAES the following message.

We are living in an uncertain age--as of now, we do not even know if we will be able to physically return to school in the fall.  Virtual teaching has had it's challenges this spring, and it will continue to push us as educators to create a meaningful platform for our students.  As Latin teachers, it is our goal to ignite an excitement for Classics, and we must adapt to the circumstances to still fulfill this goal while our students are at home, rather than in our classrooms.  For this reason, I am reaching out to you all today to tell you about Ancient Rome Live!--a free online learning platform created by Roman archaeologist, Darius Arya (  I am sure many of you know exactly who Darius is, and about his unique content.  Darius leads the American Institute for Roman Culture in Rome, Italy.  Since he is living in Rome, he has the ability, even during these times, to film educational content for our students onsite! He even gained access to closed museums in Rome for the purpose of making more content for us.  After speaking with Darius, I could feel his passion for Rome through the phone! Darius met with my students last week via Zoom, and I was so impressed with his ability to connect with teens and make the ancient world really come alive for them! He wants everyone to have the opportunity to experience Rome and Roman culture. 
 If you would like more information about this resource or how Ms. Malara has utilized it, please contact her at