Thursday, January 30, 2020

Biduum Cornellianum May 1-3

SALVI is teaming up with the Classics Department at Cornell University to offer the Biduum Cornellianum May 1-3. The Biduum Cornellianum is a weekend event for people interested in practicing and learning about oral/active Latin in the classroom and beyond.
This event is appropriate for anyone who has learnt the fundamentals of Latin grammar (the equivalent of at least one year of traditional college Latin or two years of high school Latin). However, no prior experience with spoken Latin is required!
The Biduum will be a welcoming experience for all! Justin Slocum Bailey, Anna Andresian, Dan Gallagher, Diane Anderson, and John Young will be instructing. More information can be found here: Questions may be directed to any of the site coordinators: Dan Gallagher (, Isaac Hoffman (, and Charlotte Hunt (