Tuesday, December 17, 2019

NYSED Public Comment Survey OPEN!

Candace Black, the director of the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages, has announced the public comment survey on the draft of Proposed World Language Standards is now open. See her statement below.

The New York State Education Department is currently seeking feedback on the draft of the New York State Learning Standards for Languages Other Than English (LOTE), which we are proposing to be renamed as World Languages.  The proposed revisions to the standards and to the checkpoints (levels of achievement) are informed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages (national standards).  The World Languages Leadership Team, comprised of 19 leaders in the field from across the state, was formed in 2018 in order to assist the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages in this process.  The review of the national standards and development of the proposed New York State World Languages Standards was conducted by this team in collaboration with seven Regional Standards Committees and three Language-Specific Committees (American Sign Language, Classical Languages, Indigenous Languages), which, in total, are comprised of over 200 New York State teachers and administrators.  You can access the website dedicated to the draft of the proposed World Languages Standards at http://www.nysed.gov/world-languages/lote-standards-review.  Below are links to sections of this website that address the revision of the standards including:  background information, the proposed draft of the New York State World Languages Learning Standards, performance indicators, and the standards workgroups, as well as the link to the Public Comment Period Survey (open from Monday, December 16th through Saturday, February 1st).  For the convenience of the public, a master document containing all of these sections of the website has been created and can be downloaded here.
I would like to ask you to please read the following sections and then click on the link to the Public Comment Survey to give your feedback.  The World Language Leadership Team, the seven Regional Standards Committees, and the three Language-Specific Committees will review all of the feedback provided during the Public Comment Period and make any necessary revisions to the proposed draft of the World Languages Standards.  Because we are seeking to maximize the amount of feedback received so that all stakeholders have a voice in this Standards process, I would also like to ask you to distribute this email widely among your own networks.
The proposed New York State World Language Standards introduce four major changes on which we are seeking stakeholder feedback:
  • a renaming of Languages Other Than English to World Languages in the Commissioner’s Part 100 Regulations;
  • a revision of the New York State Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Learning Standards informed by the national standards;
  • a redefinition of the three checkpoints in terms of expected performance indicators informed by the national standards; 
  • an adoption of overarching themes and updated topics that districts can use to frame instruction.
The Public Comment Period will be open from December 16, 2019 through 11:59 p.m. on February 1, 2020.
If you have questions about the standards review process, please contact me at the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages at candace.black@nysed.gov (518) 473-7505.
Thank you for giving your feedback through the Public Comment Survey.

Candace R. Black
Associate in Instructional Services
Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Avenue – EB505
Albany, NY  12234
Office:  (518) 473-7505
Mobile:  (585) 356-0951