Monday, August 22, 2016

NLE New Latin Educators Scholarship

The National Latin Exam is excited to continue its New Latin Educators Scholarship. In keeping with the spirit of inspiring young people to enter the teaching profession, the NLE will give five $2000 scholarships in 2017 to high school seniors or college undergraduates who desire to teach Latin. These scholarships are renewable as long as the recipients are continuing to earn a degree in Latin or classical studies with the intent to teach Latin. Taking the National Latin Exam is not a requirement for this scholarship.

The recipients who are juniors and seniors in college will be invited to attend the American Classical League Institute at the expense of the NLE. Why, you may ask? Since ACL is committed to the “preservation and advancement of our classical inheritance from Greece and Rome,” it offers sound and thought provoking sessions on ancient authors, technology, and pedagogy, and it promotes camaraderie with other Latin and Greek language instructors. This scholarship committee believes there is no better way to foster enthusiasm for teaching Latin than to participate in an ACL Institute.

The NLE New Latin Educators Scholarship Committee, along with the Writing and Steering Committee, will provide mentorship for the first three years of the recipients’ teaching careers. Often Latin teachers are alone in their buildings and desire advice from someone who understands their daily challenges. It is our hope to provide resources and encouragement to beginning teachers of Latin.

This committee is comprised of Sue Robertson and Margaret Hicks, Co-Chairs, Kristen Bortner, John Chu, Dobbie Vasquez, David Volk, Ben Watson, and Mark Keith, ex officio.

Please go to for the scholarship application form.

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