Monday, March 21, 2016

Latin Teaching Position: The Brooklyn Latin School

Latin teacher for grades 9-12.
*Knowledge of and a willingness to teach Ancient Greek is preferred but not required.

The Brooklyn Latin School (TBLS) is one of New York City’s eight specialized (i.e. exam) high schools, offering a classical, liberal arts education. A replication of the prestigious Boston Latin School, TBLS was founded in 2006, and all of its upper class students are enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, a challenging two-year course of study widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. We are presently seeking results-oriented teachers who exhibit effective leadership, thorough content knowledge, a reflective nature, a strong work ethic, and an appreciation for the discipline of teaching.

The Brooklyn Latin School provides a classical, liberal arts education, including the study of Latin, in a disciplined academic environment. It provides the groundwork for an understanding of the foundation of our society, while developing the leadership capacity of our students so that they may serve as leaders in their communities.

New York City public teaching certification with satisfactory ratings.

Roles in small schools are varied and complex and serious consideration will be given to applicants who demonstrate through their resume and cover letter, experience and/or willingness to become involved in these essential aspects:

‣      Availability for participation in summer planning and curriculum development

‣      Effective collaboration with colleagues to plan units, write interim assessments, share teaching strategies, visit peer classrooms, analyze student data, and develop best practice pedagogy

‣      Ability or willingness to take on duties that support classroom teaching (i.e. creating curriculum, regularly meeting with departments and grade levels, writing and implementing school policy, being an active part of the school decision making process)

‣      Demonstrated experience or willingness to develop and implement an advisory curriculum and serve as an advisor to a group of 10-20 students

‣      Demonstrated experience or willingness to engage in a community where teaching is public (i.e. engaging in classroom visits, publication/critique of units, interim assessments, and curricula maps, sharing of dilemmas in Critical Friends Groups etc.)

‣      Willingness to adhere to the accepted norms and practices established by the TBLS school community

‣      Availability to participate in after school/Saturday tutoring programs.

‣      Availability and willingness to develop, lead, and recruit students for extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, and teams

‣      Availability and willingness to engage in a limited number of evening/weekend student recruitment and parent outreach events

The successful candidate will exemplify:

‣      Demonstrated evidence of a strong work ethic

‣      Demonstrated evidence of the ability to reflect and articulate the lessons learned from past experience

‣      Demonstrated evidence of strong team skills

‣      Demonstrated evidence of strong content knowledge

‣      Demonstrated commitment or willingness to continuous professional growth (i.e. professional development, formal education, outside reading)

‣      Demonstrated ability to articulate the importance of Latin and/or study of ancient cultures in a well-rounded high school education

‣      Experience with or demonstrated desire in leading Socratic Seminars

‣      Demonstrated ability or willingness to learn how to develop interim assessments, analyze student data collected from interim assessments, and adjust teaching practices to ensure student understanding

‣      Demonstrated ability or willingness to learn how to develop unit plans and curriculum maps that prioritize skill development in specific subject areas and assessments that measure student progress

‣      Demonstrated ability to formulate higher-order, open-ended questions to lead students in scholarly conversation

‣      Demonstrated evidence of attention to details in unit and lesson planning

‣      Demonstrated ability to articulate the criteria for exemplary student work  

‣      Demonstrated ability to help students overcome conceptual difficulties in a specific content area

‣      Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing with colleagues, parents, students, and the community

‣      Demonstrated evidence of intellectual pursuits and a demonstrated commitment to stimulating the intellectual curiosity of students

‣      Demonstrated experience or willingness to participate in teacher-led study groups and teacher led professional development

‣      Demonstrated evidence of excellent classroom management skills

‣      Demonstrated experience or willingness to learn how to effectively use technology in the classroom to improve student learning

‣      Demonstrated experience or willingness to incorporate writing instruction into his/her subject area

‣      Demonstrated experience or willingness to participate in the multi-faceted activities of a small school community outside of classroom teaching responsibilities

Interested applicants should submit a resume with a cover letter to Ms. Jennifer Snyder at Please note that only resumes with cover letters will be considered.