Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two Latin Immersion Experiences for Summer 2015

Not only teachers, who may wish to develop their ability use Latin actively and extempore in the classroom to augment whatever teaching methods they prefer to use, but anyone at all devoted to Latin, such as professors, graduate students, and those who read Latin for personal enrichment, can benefit from both of these week-long seminars, which are exclusively aimed at helping those who take part to acquire a more instinctive and active command of the Latin language.

Conventiculum Dickinsoniense:
Annual Workshop for Spoken Latin to be held at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania from July 6 -12, 2015

Conventiculum Latinum, Annual Workshop for Spoken Latin to be held In Lexington at the University of Kentucky from July 22-29, 2015  

Topics to be discussed in each session are wide-ranging. In many sessions participants will read, interpret, and discuss Latin texts in Latin. The purpose of these seminars is to add an active dimension to the experience of those who already possess a passive reading knowledge of Latin. First-time participants and people new to spoken Latin are especially welcome, and the programme always features special sessions designed with newcomers in mind. Participants who are already experienced in the active use of Latin are also welcome.  It is the organizers' intention that these seminars will provide participants at all levels with a pleasant opportunity to practice their skills in spoken and written Latin, and to meet like-minded others.