Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three Full Time Latin Openings: Northside & Southside Charter High Schools, Brooklyn

Northside and Southside Charter Schools are members of a network of three charter high schools, each requiring Latin for three years for all students (with some exceptions for ESL and Special Ed students). The schools are both located on the Greenpoint/Williamsburg border in north Brooklyn.

We teach the Cambridge Latin Curriculum through to the end of the Green Book (Unit III) and sometimes to Stage 40 and beyond. Emphasis is on reading  comprehension, vocabulary building, and spoken Latin. We augment the Cambridge Program with additional cultural, historical, and mythological material in order to meet the New York State Regents standards by the end of the third year. Most students start Latin in their sophomore year. At Northside and Southside  a preparatory course in classical mythology, culture, and exploratory Latin is required in the freshman year. No other language is offered. The Network of three schools currently employs a team of nine full time Latin teachers, most with three to ten years teaching experience.

We are recruiting for two full time Latin teachers for Northside Charter High School and one for Southside. Teaching load is generally five one-hour classes daily at one or two levels, plus a short daily advisory or homeroom. The  teaching day includes two prep periods and lunch, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The schools are both in easy walking distance of the L train subway line which connects in Manhattan to all other lines; parking is easily available for teachers who commute by car.

Students are admitted by lottery without any prior testing or selection. They come from low-performing middle schools across a wide band of impoverished neighborhoods in northeast Brooklyn. A high proportion of students enter with skill deficits of two to three years, i.e. functioning at 6th and 7th grade levels. More than 70% are Latino, with low literacy and speaking skills in Spanish and English. The curriculum is a college-oriented four-year Regents program with strong remedial and support components. Latin plays a major role in vocabulary development, language awareness, and cultural understanding in this process.

We are looking for candidates with a knowledge of the Cambridge curriculum, comfortable with spoken Latin, and committed to improvement of inner city education. Classroom management skills are essential. In addition, we especially welcome experience and skills in music and drama, modern foreign language instruction, visual arts, or athletics. New York State Certification, or its equivalent, is required -- or current enrollment in a certification program.

Prospective candidates will need to come to New York for in-person interviews and demonstration teaching lessons during May or early June.

Please send a resume and supporting material to:

Ron Janoff, Ph.D., Content Director, Latin
Believe Charter High Schools Network
198 Varet Street, 8th floor
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York 11206
Fax: 347-646-7602